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Angelique Armae A Rogue At Midnight

angelique armae's a rogue at midnightangelique armae's a rogue at midnight

(Romancing A Rogue Prequel)
by Angelique Armae
Release date: August 27, 2019

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about the book

Scandalous things happen under cover of night. Reputations are lost, virtue risked, inhibitions lowered, and sometimes, true love discovered. Indulge in these nine never before released Regency romances and fall in love beneath the night sky.

Once Upon a Midnight Masquerade by Jane Charles
When Lady Claresta Copeland slipped into a scandalous masquerade disguised as Juliet, she never imagined she would encounter her one true Romeo in the process. For the last year, Donovan MacGregor has been searching for his lost Juliet, only to stumble upon her in the least expected place of all.

Enchanted by Moonlight by Sandra Sookoo
When would-be adventurer and librarian Miss Charlotte Blakely unexpectedly meets jilted English ambassador Mr. Everett Desmond, sparks fly under the Roman moonlight. A passionate kiss at the Trevi fountain has the potential for a Victorian-era scandal, but if they’re daring enough to take a chance, it will also usher in love.

Chance of Love by Dawn Brower
Lady Lenora St. Martin is shy and a wallflower. She has no idea how to interact in society, so when Julian Everleigh, the Duke of Ashley asks her to dance at a ball, she falls completely in love with him. After that one dance, he doesn’t seem to notice her again, and Lenora has to discover a way to break out of her shell on her own and vows never to love again. As she flourishes, Julian takes notice and decides she’s the only lady for him, but he may have already lost his chance of love with her.

The Belle of Cypress Creek by Shannon Nemechek
Brigid O’Neill and Col. Brian MacDougal have been promised by their fathers to each other When she meets Major Ian Butler and her future fiancé for the first time, the pair become determined to marry for love. Can they follow their hearts and marry for love, or will they marry each other out of obligation?

Believe in Love by Amanda Mariel
Lady Brooke Linwood never could have guessed what would happen after she saved the Earl of Templeton from a cutthroat in the ally behind Fortunas Parlor. Now the devilishly handsome earl won’t leave her alone, and with each moment they spend together Booke’s determination to resist him slips a little more. Dare she believe in love, or is it only her body at stake?

A Rogue At Midnight by Angelique Armae
To save his reputation, a rogue agrees to a lesson in reform…
Only to learn it's his tutor who is in need of an education…

Aileen Fish

Seducing the Spinster by Diana Bold
Julian Tremaine, the Earl of Basingstoke, is a notorious rake. Lady Jane Bennett is a spinster with a spotless reputation. Seven years ago, they’d been very deeply in love, but he’d abandoned her when she needed him most. He’d broken her heart, and she’d vowed never to trust him again. But when circumstances throw them together, he realizes what a fool he’s been. One dark night, he sneaks into her room with a daring plan to change her mind. Jane is not the sweet young girl he’d once known. She’s strong and courageous and unwilling to settle for anything less than his entire heart. Can he break down the walls she’s built and convince her that she’s the only one he’s ever loved or will she reject him in the worst possible way?

angelique armae's a rogue at midnightFROM A ROGUE AT MIDNIGHT:
To save his reputation, a rogue agrees to a lesson in reform…
Only to learn it's his tutor who is in need of an education…

Miss India Stokes is far from a wallflower. She's secretly headed up the Saintly Rakes Club for two years, helping to school Countavia's most notorious bachelors in the finer points of proper courtship. When she accepts a proposal from the queen herself, India encounters the dashing Addison West. A man she'd rather tempt than tame.

Colonel Addison West isn't accustomed to being told what to do. For the last four years he's been away at war, battling brutish enemies for the Crown's sake. Now he's returned home and is in need of a reformation before accepting his newly appointed peerage. An order that comes directly from the king. Agreeing to a series of lessons given by the beguiling India Stokes, Addison soon finds himself at odds with the woman's beastly suitor. Knowing India faces a future of nothing but misery, Addison has a choice to make.

With the clock ticking, will this charming Colonel become a saint…or A ROGUE AT MIDNIGHT?


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