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Angelique Armae's book: Burn (Daughter of bastet 2)

"Extremely talented..." — Sherrilyn Kenyon, #1 NYT Bestselling Author

ANGELIQUE ARMAE'S Burn: Daughter of Bastet 2

Daughter of Bastet 2
By Angelique Armae
ISBN: 9781942346487

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about the book

Tomb raiding with a twist…

Waking up dead, when I knew I was fully alive wasn't the way I'd expected to celebrate my victory over the moon goddess, Selene. But besting the Titan who'd stolen my mother's moon-worshiping felines apparently only served to land my ass in the Hall of Two Truths-the place of judgement leading to the Land of the Dead, a.k.a. Duat to the ancient Egyptians.

And trust me, I wasn't looking at a fifty-dollar fine or points on my immortal mortician's license. This court was ruthless, especially Ma'at, the goddess who weighed one's heart against the weight of a feather. I know, right? How can that even make sense? But to the ancient Egyptian gods, it's more than logical.

Of course they weren't the ones with the teensy problem of having abused magick to gain an advantage over Selene. And considering that sin, I was pretty sure my heart was in need of a serious diet if it was going to survive Ma'at's scales of justice. But throwing myself at the feet of the crocodilian demoness Ammit to be snapped up in one bite-the result of failing the scales-wasn't an option. I liked my immortality and I planned on keeping it. I also had no desire to sacrifice the lives of the three hunky Roman Praetorians who were very good at satisfying all my needs, especially those midnight cravings for pettings, lickings, and spankings. And no, despite me and my hunky trio of protectors being Cat'Hu-half-cat, half-human shifters-we did not do the nasty in animal form.

But Osiris is giving me a bit of a reprieve, the generous soul that he is. And by reprieve, I mean he's allowing me to remain alive until I can prove I don't deserve to die. See, not all gods are feral beasts. *snicker*

And what exactly do I have to do to prove myself worthy of life?

Wait for it…

Raid a tomb. But not any tomb. My tomb. The tomb my future self is buried in because apparently, I failed this very test the last time I landed my ass in Duat. Oh, right, I forgot to mention that when I misused magick to win the war with Selene, I also changed fate…my fate and the fates of my three immortal Roman protectors.

So basically at this point me and my guys could very well all be dead. I don't really know if we're alive. But I'm determined to find out, because if I don't, then the entire Cat'Hu race will vanish, the moon worshiping felines will go back to Selene, and the sun-loving cats will remain under my estranged brother Maahes' rule. And leaving a colony of cats to an Egyptian war god is never a good idea.

I just pray the mystical ankh I'm supposed to fetch from my tomb can be found, because everything I've ever read on it said it never existed…

This is a true Why Choose/Reverse Harem - one heroine with three heroes she loves equally. 18+ readers only.




available at

available at

amazon Burn (Daughter of Bastet 2) amazon uk burn amazon ca Burn (Daughter of Bastet 2) amazon Burn (Daughter of Bastet 2) amazon au bn iBooks kobo

iBooks UK : iBooks CA : iBooks AU : iBooks NZ

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