Angelique Armae aka J.C. Makk

Angelique Armae's CONSTANTINE, Immortal Valentine, Book 2

"Extremely talented..." — Sherrilyn Kenyon, #1 NYT Bestselling Author

angelique armae's constantine

Immortal Valentine 2
By Angelique Armae
ISBN: 978-1-942346-37-1 (ebook)
ISBN: TBD (Print)
Release date: TBA

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about the book

CONSTANTINE is the second book in National Bestselling Author Angelique Armaeā€™s Immortal Valentine series, a spin-off from The Paradisian Chronicles.

The Valentine brothers are Hell's sexiest bad boys. They're also Lucifer's most defiant nephews, working for Paradise and protecting mankind. Born to a repented fallen angel father, and an immortal human mother, the Valentines are rebels who fight Hell's dope dealers daily, trying to destroy the realm's lethal narcotics trade, specifically the flow of Crypt Candy on earth.

An angel sworn to obliterate all of Lucifer's dope dealers...

Constantine Valentine is an undercover narcotics agent working for Paradise. He's spent the last year living underground attempting to stop Hell's newest cut of Crypt Candy—an instantly lethal drug when consumed by humans—from making its way to earth. But when he was severely disfigured by a Holy Devil—a member of Hell's elite class of drug lords—he was forced into Limbo and given holographic wings in place of his severed feathered appendages. Now healed, he's determined to get back to work. But when he returns to his old case, he discovers the soul who ordered his take down is the same soul he nearly died protecting—the mother of his missing child.

Must protect the drug princess repsonsible for placing him on Hell's hit list...

Dagmar Crane is one of Hell's wealthiest residents. Sired by the realm's most vicious Holy Devil—Lucifer's second best dope dealer—she's her father's only heir. And now that he's been murdered by Hell's Pit Lord, Dagmar is threatened by her father's killer: Keep up the family business or lose her kidnapped son forever. But the more she fuels Hell's dope trade, the further she condemns her soul...and her son's. But coming clean to her baby's father—the one man who might be able to save them both—ups the risk of losing her child for eternity.


From SHADOWS OF THE SOUL: "Nobody does angels like Angelique Armae!" --Kerrelyn Sparks, NY Times Bestselling author of The Vampire and the Virgin




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