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Welcome to Dundaire, Scotland, a magickal city that doesn't appear on any map, where kilt-wearing immortal Highlanders are plentiful, and where romance and danger brew daily...


Wolfsden Keep - home of Bane MacHendrie, alpha of the MacHendrie pack, Scotland's oldest shape-shifting clan. The castle is a medieval structure. It's also a living, breathing entity with a mind of its own. Wolfsden's main trait: it's as brooding as is its master. Loves to consume French Macarons and fine Scottish Whiskey. Cannot be left empty or chaos ensues.

Castle Dundaire - ancestral home of Mortimer MacDougal, one of Scotland's oldest and most powerful vampires. The castle is currently a heap of ruins, destroyed by the vile Viking Earl, Rorik the Rotten. An archeological dig is currently being conducted at the site, retreiving magickal artifacts belonging to Mortimer and his brother-in-law, Bane MacHendrie. Castle Dundaire is female, likes to be referred to as Old Dee, and she has a thing for Wolfsden Keep.

The Fool's Fort - tudor era home of Conall MacHendrie. Loves a good joke and isn't shy about having a grand old time. Has a collection of trashy tourist tchotchkes from castles around the world. He even subscribes to a trashy tchotchkes of the month club.


Callen MacHendrie (DARK WOLF) - eldest son and beta to Bane MacHendrie. Cursed by Jarle, a Viking witch who once worked for Rorik the Rotten. Callen and Jarle battled it out during Rorik's sack of Castle Dundaire. Callen fought the witch in order to save his younger brothers. More than a millenium later, he would again meet Jarle, this time fighting him for Miranda Kendrick, the woman destined to be his mate.

Miranda Kendrick, is a New York veterinarian who descends from wolf and witch blood. Enslaved by Jarle after trying to help free one of his feline-shifters, she is sent to Wolfsden Keep to steal Callen MacHendrie's prized sword. But little does she know that the sword is a cursed blade and Callen will never let it out of his sight.

angelique armae's viking wolf

Vidar von Hess (VIKING WOLF) - a brooding Viking who leads a clan of underground investigators. They can find anything on anyone in the preternatural world.

Cursed by his uncle, Rorik the Rotten, Vidar has shunned true love for over a millenium, fearing for the person who might unthaw his heart. The hex froze his heart and also entombed his wolf soul inside, after turning the wolf into a vile beast whose desire to feed off a human soul has lasted a thousand years.

Vidar's destined mate is Bane's neice, Leila MacHendrie, a sin-eater born in New Orleans. Vidar's main residence is a mansion in New Orleans, though he owns numerous castles and vast properties inherited from his late uncle, the Earl Rorik.

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Rhys MacGregor (CHRISTMAS WOLF) - adopted son to Bane MacHendrie. Rhys manages Wolfsden Keep as its head butler. His mate is Greer O'Keene, a banshee born to the goddess Morrigan.

Rhys was disowned by his blood father and declared dead, thus rendering him unable to take over as alpha of his inherited MacDougal pack. He has one half-brother.

Rhys lives in a sprawling, luxury cabin at the peak of Mount Dundaire, the mountain behind Wolfsden Keep. The cabin is owned by Bane MacHendrie.

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Bane MacHendrie (HIGHLAND WOLF) - alpha to the MacHendrie pack, owner of Wolfsden Keep. Bane is married to Aine, a Celtic sex goddess and half-sister to Mortimer MacDougal. Together they have five sons and the adopted Rhys. Aine is believed dead, but in reality lives in the shadows, protecting the men she loves - Bane, their sons, and her brother - from the vile Jarle, one of several witches allied to Rorik.

Bane's pack resides in Dundaire. The unmated wolves stay mainly at Wolfsden Keep. The few feral wolves that are part of the clan, reside in the wild, in various places on Mount Dundaire.

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Conall MacHendrie (RETURN OF THE WOLF) - wolf shifter and owner of The Fool's Fort—a tudor-era castle that has a thing for tacky trinkets found at tourist attractions, especially those sold at its own gift shop. Cursed by a powerful fae witch, named Fiona O'Neill, Conall lives in a ghost-like state, teetering between this world and the Otherworld. He has a serious problem with keeping up his kilt, as he tends to fade from the waist to the knee everytime the pressures of life push down on him. Which seems to be daily, lately, especially since that lucious little Fiona is back.

angelique armae's blood wolf

Mortimer MacDougal (BLOOD WOLF) - vampire and master of Castle Dundaire. Fought Rorik the Rotten back in Medieval Scotland. The battle did not go as planned as Rorik sacked Castle Dundaire, leaving it as nothing more than a pile of ruins. Mortimer is married to Katya von Hess, sister to Vidar. Katya and Mortimer spend their time traveling between Dundaire and New Orleans. They own a mansion on St. Charles Avenue.


Rorik the Rotten - a Viking earl, enemy to Mortimer MacDougal and Bane MacHendrie. Once was engaged to Aine, but lost her to Bane. Enslaved his neice and nephew, Katya and Vidar, for many years until both were rescued by Mortimer. Even in death, still retains his evil powers.

Jarle - a powerful Viking witch who worked with Rorik.

Abeille - an immortal French witch who was once allied to Rorik. Currently resides in New Orleans on Bourbon Street.




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