Angelique Armae aka J.C. Makk

Angelique Armae's Eclipse, eclipse (daughter of bastet 1)

"Extremely talented..." — Sherrilyn Kenyon, #1 NYT Bestselling Author

angelique armae's Eclipseangelique armae's Eclipse (daughter of bastet 1)

Daughter of Bastet 1
By Angelique Armae
August 21, 2018

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about the book

Mummies are a girl's best friend…

I'm Keti, the sole Cat'Hu mortician this side of ancient Memphis. I'm also the only earth-born daughter of the Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet, a fact that puts me at war with several pantheons of gods-Egyptian, Roman, and Greek. But thanks to the curses I've placed to purify the mummies of three big cats, I now have a trio of immortal Roman Praetorians willing to aid my supernatural needs…including those off the battlefield…

First there's Lucius The Tiger, my dream-seer guardian who's assembled a dungeon packed with cursed blades. On an intimate level, he's the slow-burn type of guy who knows exactly what to do to polish and forge me into the weapon I was born to be.

Then there's Marcus The Lion, my spell-binding protector who owns a library of hexed books. To the outside world, Marcus is studious, classic, and usually very prim and proper. Behind closed doors, and by that I mean just the front door of the house, not necessarily locked away with me in private, he's my guaranteed wall banger. And he's built to do the job with ease.

And last but definitely not least, is Horatio The Panther, my introverted but magickally apt healer with a wickedly masterful hand that often leaves my ass with a reason for him to have to soothe me.

Warning: Contains one magickal war with the gods, three hunky feline shifters, one kickass heroine and a supernatural spanking that takes her out of this world.

This is a reverse harem tale. 18+ readers.




available at

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angelique armae's Eclipse
(Daughter of Bastet 1)

angelique armae's Burn
(Daughter of Bastet 2)

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