Angelique Armae aka J.C. Makk

Angelique Armae's edenwyck, Edenwyck book 1

"Extremely talented..." — Sherrilyn Kenyon, #1 NYT Bestselling Author

angelique armae's edenwyckangelique armae's edenwyck the prequel

Featuring EDENWYCK (The Prequel)
By Angelique Armae
Available in eBook and Print!
March 2018

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Welcome to the world as it never was…

Enter landscapes awash in steam-powered machinery, Victorian style, and mysterious magic shrouded in the fog of a city night.

Join 25 New York Times, USA Today, and bestselling speculative fiction authors as they dive into alternate universes of tinkers, mad scientists, and space-faring soldiers, as well as leviathans, vampires, and demons—along with the cloaked lords and corseted ladies haunting pages of these alternative histories.

This limited-time anthology features tales of whimsy and wonder rife with gaslamp masquerades, steam-driven dirigibles, clockwork landscapes, gadgets and gears, and more.

Perfect for lovers of Penny Dreadful, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Sherlock Holmes!

about the book

The perfect ingredients for a garden full of sin…

One forbidden apple—must contain a diabolical serpent….
Three hotter than hell angels—must be wingless, haloless, and definitely not chaste….
One noble lady—must be anything but prim and proper….
From the Corrupted Alchemical Cookbook, ca. unknown.

Welcome to EDENWYCK, a duchy where corpses don't stay dead, secrets don't keep to themselves, and where the cravings of fair maidens don't succumb to the constraint of having just one lover.

In Victorian London, Hell is afoot…or rather aslither…

Lady Persephone 'Percy' Edenstone is seeing ghosts. Three to be precise, and they look amazingly well considering she blew these very souls to bits when she accidentally destroyed her father's laboratory two weeks back. Yet here her ghosts are, each one tall, strapping, and built as solid as ever. No gossamer bodies for these gentlemen. And now her father has recruited the dratted trio into Her Majesty's secret society—the Council of Covert Operations (C.o.C.O.)—an inconvenience to be sure, for the Queen arrives in five days to attend the Council's meeting and having walking corpses around just won't do. Even if they are wickedly tempting to look at.

Of course had the garden at Edenwyck been a common one rather than a gateway to eternal sin, blowing up the laboratory might not have been so grave a situation. But thanks to that little mishap, C.o.C.O.'s secrets and artifacts—including the tainted Edenstone Apple which had previously imprisoned Hell's vile serpent—Lucifer—are now scattered about the duchy. And with reports of Satan slithering around London, the Empire is on the verge of eternal damnation. Which also means Lilith Cain, direct descendant of that Cain as in Cain and Able, and Mistress of the Shadow Serpents-London's most nefarious clan of demons—will be desperate to reconnect with her once lover, Lucifer. And Percy knows from experience when that vile duo joins forces, evil knows no bounds.

With the Empire at stake, the Queen due in five days, and three tempting, but possibly dead, men—or maybe they're something else entirely—traipsing about, Percy is in a pickle from which she may not escape. This lifetime or the next.




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angelique armae's edenwyck
(The Prequel)

angelique armae's edentempt
(Edenwyck 1)

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