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Angelique Armae GOING TO THE CASTLE - Royals of Countavia

angelique armae's going to the castle

By Angelique Armae
A Sapphire Falls Kindle World/Royals of Countavia Crossover Novella

Release date: October 23, 2016

Amazon Kindle Best Seller

This novella is a crossover title in Erin Nicholas's Sapphire Falls Kindle World and my Royals of Countavia series.

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about the book

A rebellious aristocrat looking for love…

When Edward Berrowes, the twelfth Earl of Raynemere, arrives in Sapphire Falls as goodwill ambassador for the Kingdom of Countavia, he is on the verge of losing his title thanks to a royal stipulation that he must marry before turning thirty-an event that is only days away. And considering his family's four-hundred-year old legacy of failed marriages, Edward is determined to break that streak and marry for love. Too bad his heart belongs to a girl he hasn't seen in decades…

Meets a noble rebel worthy of his heart…

When Samantha Truly takes her sick grandmother's place as a fortune teller at Sapphire Falls Halloween Festival, Sam is forced to play a role she hasn't taken on in years. But her grandmother's business is dependent on private client readings, and when the King of Countavia schedules a session for his goodwill ambassador, Sam can't decline. But fudging her way through a reading goes against everything her heart believes. Especially when the love forecast she's set to read is for the man she's dreamed about for years…the boy with whom she shared her first kiss…


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Royals of Countavia/Sapphire Falls Kindle World crossover novellas - these stories do not incorporate the mystery contained in the Royals of Countavia series. They are stand alone tales concerning the Berrowes family, a wealthy, noble family from Countavia.