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Angelique Armae GOING TO THE PALACE - Royals of Countavia, Novella 4

angelique armae's going to the palace

By Angelique Armae
A Sapphire Falls Kindle World/Royals of Countavia Crossover Novella

Release date: February 13, 2017

This novella is a crossover title in Erin Nicholas's Sapphire Falls Kindle World and my Royals of Countavia series.

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From secret encounters…

When Countavian Prince, Leopold Berrowes, volunteers as a last-minute fill-in for Sapphire Falls’ charity bachelor auction, his expectations don’t go beyond having to attend the local Valentine’s Day Dance. But when the highest bidder is revealed as being his former secret love, he’s determined to win her back, despite her having left him six months ago…

To royal love…

Millicent Flowers is a Plain Jane farm girl who took off for Europe in search of a true-life fairytale. Now she’s returned to her hometown of Sapphire Falls, hoping to forget about her royal romance gone bad. But when the cause of her broken heart puts himself on the auction block, and Millie accidentally places the winning bid, she’s forced to toss her work jeans for a designer frock. Too bad she can’t also as easily ditch her memories of the romantic nights spent in Leo’s heated embrace…


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Royals of Countavia/Sapphire Falls Kindle World crossover novellas - these stories do not incorporate the mystery contained in the Royals of Countavia series. They are stand alone tales concerning the Berrowes family, a wealthy, noble family from Countavia.