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Angelique Armae THE PROTECTORATE, Dead Walkers Book 1

angelique armae's the protectorate

By Angelique Armae
ISBN 1-893896-36-6 (Paperback)
Publisher: ImaJinn Books

Release date: March 9, 2011

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A Quasi Vampire...
A Celtic Princess...
An evil entity as old as time...

In Regency Ireland, a dark legacy re-emerges from the depths of the Vampire realm, leaving three souls trapped between two worlds...

Donovan Bramwell is a dead walker, a soul who walks on the dark side of life. He's also heir to an ancient Celtic vampire kingdom and its earthly branch known as the Protectorate, a secret society of vampires and humans protecting the mortal realm from evil dead walkers. But when the time comes for him to ascend to the throne, Donovan refuses. He's been harboring a deadly secret?he's the one soul capable of destroying the very world he was born to protect. Now his greatest enemy has returned and Donovan is determined to save the Protectorate, even if it mean's sacrificing his own soul. But as Donovan prepares to carry out his secret plot, a female quasi vampire thwarts his plans and forces him to relive a past he's spent centuries trying to forget...

Born a royal Celt with Vampyric blood, Iceni lost her family and her tribe to the Romans and the deadly vampires who befriended the Empire. After spending centuries trying to fight the dark souls who took away her world, Iceni now has the chance to finally avenge her parents' deaths and take back the sacred relic housing her father's ancient powers. But to do so, she needs Donovan Bramwell to join her cause. And considering she didn't exactly use conventional means to get the man's attention, she must first convince the Protectorate heir she's not the enemy...

Suffering from a bite gone wrong, Vastos--a Vampyric prince and dead walker as old as time--returns to man's world determined to cure the ailment afflicting his soul. But to do so, he must fight his greatest antagonist, Donovan Bramwell, the one soul keeping him alive and yet killing him at the same time. Vastos has two choices: Conquer the Protectorate and take the throne away from Donovan, or destroy Iceni and take full control of her father's powers. And to a dead walker vampire running out of time, choosing one option over the other really doesn't matter...




P.E.A.R.L. Award nominee--Best overall paranormal novel
P.E.A.R.L. Award nominee--Best shapeshifter novel
CAPA Award nominee--Paranormal Category

5 STARS!--Harriet Klausner, Midwest Book Review
5 STARS!--The Romance Studio
5 STARS!--Midwest Book Review
5 STARS!--Fallen Angel Reviews
4.5 STARS!
4 STARS!--Coffee Time Romance
4 STARS!--Mystique Books

"A wonderful read." - USA Today Best-selling author Rosemary Laurey

"...a compelling drama..." - Eternal Night Magazine, U.K.

"5 Stars! - DEAD WALKERS: THE PROTECTORATE is a terrific fantasy that provides the audience a powerful tale in which the three prime species, vampires, mortals, and the quasi seem genuine especially in their varying interrelationships. The action-packed story line provides insight into the diverse vampiric clans and how the quasi live in human and vampiric camps. The triangle of life and death between the lead trio makes for a compelling one sitting supernatural thriller, but it's the world they live in that fascinates readers. Hard as it is to believe Angelique Armae gets better with each book she writes. Everyone should put her on their must read list!
-- Harriet Klausner, #1 reviewer & Midwest Book Review.

"5 STARS!" Praise for Miss Armae's The Protectorate the first book in her series of Dead Walkers. To say that she has a wonderful imagination would be putting it mildly. I was torn between who my favorite characters were: Iceni or Donovan. They both were very strong in their own ways, but I have to say that in the end Iceni won my vote. I tried to imagine what it would be like to have your tribe slaughtered while you watched at the tender age of twelve and then have no home to speak of for centuries. Miss Armae had such a way with her descriptions throughout the story that I found myself hurting along with Donovan, and crying with Iceni. Yet in the end not, being able to help myself but feel compassion for Donovan's uncle. I will be waiting impatiently for the second book in this exciting series. -- Debbie, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 STARS! - "Never has a story of such passion and honor flowed from the world of Vampires until now... I was overwhelmed by the attention to detail that Ms. Armae spent on each tribe and the different types of characters in this story. The creativity of this new found world of vampires left me in awe as I flew through the pages, compelled to continue until all had been revealed..." - Jamie Martin, The Romance Studio

"4.5 STARS! - Ms. Armae has created an intriguing vampire world with the Dead Walkers series. Two rival factions of vampires tempered by a powerful line of royal Celts provides for plenty of conflict and action, and not a little romance. As secrets are revealed, readers will be stunned at what happens as a result.

THE PROTECTORATE takes place in the Regency era, so it fascinating to see how the restrictions of society in those days affects all that the vampires do. Most vampire romance novels take place in modern times so it was a refreshing change to see this story introduced in a different era.

Donovan is a tortured hero who feels keenly his perceived failure that ultimately resulted in death for those closest to him. Iceni is strong and willful, determined to fulfill the destiny her family has set forth for her. She never expected that the one being who could help her would be the one who could change her life irrevocably. Vastos is cruel and evil, yet readers will still feel some sympathy of him over his desperate attempts to try to experience life more fully. His methods may be frowned upon, but one will come to understand him nonetheless.

If THE PROTECTORATE is any indication, the rest of the Dead Walkers series by Angelique Armae is bound to be just as wonderful, with plenty more secrets and adventures to follow." -- Kelley Hartsell,

"...a compelling drama...Traditional and non-traditional vampiric roles mingle together to form a fascinating world..." - Amanda, Eternal Night Magazine

"DEADWALKERS: THE PROTECTORATE is a fantastic look into the world of the vampires, mortals, quasis and all the other characters inhabiting Angelique Armae's world in 1815 Ireland...The scenery and time is all well described and puts us right in the middle of the action. The characters all remain true to their personalities and some of them learn more about themselves than they really wish to. This story does a wonderful job of filling us in with the background information without becoming overwhelming about it. I can't wait to find out where Angelique Armae will take us next in the DEADWALKERS SERIES." -- Chere, PNR reviews

4 Stars - Excellent work! " interesting take on the vampire mythos...Donovan is a great tortured hero, who finds a stubborn, strong heroine in Iceni. Their love story is intense and well worth reading..." -- Marlene Breakfield, Mystique Books




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