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Angelique Armae aka J.C. Makk

Angelique Armae's Wicked for the Duke

angelique armae's wicked for the duke

(A Regency and Victorian Romance Collection)

Release date: July 20, 2023

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For a limited time only, this collection perfect for lovers of historical romance brings you dukes, aristocrats, unusual heroines, spinsters and more. Discover a captivating selection of full-length historical romances from USA TODAY and bestselling authors.

about the book

The Duke’s Virgin Sister by Caroline Lee
Carlotta would much rather be gallivanting around her brother's estate than worrying about getting married. But a journey with a Scotsman of scandalous reputation as chaperone may change her mind...

A Duke of a Time by Tamara Gill
Greyson Everett has been exiled. Cut off financially, he’s expected to work like a commoner. If he has any hope of getting back to his real life, he’ll have to stay the course—and stop kissing his employer’s entirely too lovely daughter…

Master of the Moor by Emmanuelle de Maupassant
Haunted by scandal and the shame of her bloodline, the newly widowed Countess Rosseline is determined to secure her status through marriage, even if it means resorting to deceit and entrapment.

The Bride of a Baronet by Linda Rae Sande
Sir Adam Wilson has put off remarrying for long enough so when he discovers how his grandfather found his Lady Wilson, he decides to do the same—run a bride contest at the local fair.

Secrets of a Duke's Daughter by Samantha Holt
Cassie is ready to take control of her life and join her late mother’s investigative society. What she’s not quite prepared for is her brother’s attractive friend acting as her self-appointed bodyguard…

Secrets of Lady Lucy by Rachel Ann Smith
For years Lucille has worked secretly for the Home Office, and she has come to London to foil an attempted kidnapping. Inconveniently, Lord Harrington has other plans. He won’t be satisfied until she is at long last married…

Designs on a Duke by Ellie St. Clair
The daughter of an architect, Rebecca knows becoming an architect is a dream until she must assume an identity to protect her father’s name. When Valentine hires Rebecca’s father, she soon finds herself falling for a man she can never have.

Beauty and the Duke by Nadine Millard
Isabelle has loved the boy next door for as long as she can remember. Even after all this time, Isabelle still wants Mathew, and she has no intention of letting him go. So, all she has to do is make him fall desperately in love with her...

The Widow’s Maestro by Sandra Sookoo
Five years of widowhood have left Josephine at loose ends. When a golden-haired rogue, 13 years her junior, propositions her, she immediately dismisses him yet a lady can only protest so much…

Prince of Scandal by Angelique Armae
Prince Frederick knows how cruel life can be. So when the enticing Lady Eliza comes his way, he does the only thing that comes natural to him...he pushes her away. Now she's returned, he's still just as much in love with her...

The Man of My Dreams by Daphne Quinn
Lily has always known her duty is to marry well so when the second son of a viscount arrives at her door, she ignores her heart’s calling. He’s not the man to save her family. The problem? The more time they spend together the more certain she is that her place in this world is by his side…

Pride of Duty by Andrea K. Stein
Willa’s lived the last ten years of her life as “Wills,” physician’s assistant to her Royal Navy surgeon father until he dies from a heart attack. Her days as a woman living free as a man are numbered… And Dr. Cullen MacCloud doesn’t want anything to do with the sullen 'boy.' Until he discovers her secret that is…

Don’t Tell a Duke You Love Him by Tammy Andresen
Lady Lilly knows the Duke of Longley is a rake and should be left well enough alone. Except once they are tossed together after a winter storm, she grows dangerously close to declaring her love for him in the dark of night...


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