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ISBN: 978-1-942346-08-1
Release date: March 30, 2017

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When Viking wolf Vidar von Hess is trapped inside a castle with sin-eater Leila MacHendrie, niece to Scotland's fiercest alpha, he's forced to face an ancient foe who stands to destroy everything Vidar holds dear. Including his new-found love for Leila.

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Leila MacHendrie has always dreamt of finding the perfect fairytale hero. But when love strikes her heart, it comes in the form of Vidar von Hess, a man who is everything Leila doesn't want.

For starters, he's a Viking, not a Scot.

He doesn't wear a kilt, detests them to the point of calling them skirts.

And he's an immortal wolf, when all she desires is your very-mortal-guy-next-door type.

Plus, there's that little matter of the aura that keeps pulling from Vidar's body, tempting the sin-eater in her soul. Being a living, breathing Pandora's box isn't easy. Especially when that box contains the key to thawing Vidar's frozen heart.

But breaking the man's curse means unleashing a centuries-old evil capable of killing them both. And being the untrained sin-eater that she is, Leila knows this is one love match that just might spell disaster for all involved.

Too bad she finds the tempting Vidar so irresistibly sexy.

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