Witchwood Excerpt

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Sienna did not need to start having feelings for Matthew again. At least not with the gargoyles missing. A clear head was far more to her advantage than was a pining heart.

Taking a deep breath, she tamped down any sparks that had started to flare in her soul.  “I know this Devil dude is of the sordid sort but remaining righteous in this instance isn’t going to help us one bit. We need to be as deviant as are those beasts who screwed us over by stealing the gargoyles. No sin is too high a price to get those statues back.”

“Trust me, Sienna. What I have in mind will take us both straight to hell.” His lips brushed against hers.

A zing of energy shot through Sienna’s veins, starting at the top of her head and twisting right down to the tips of her toes. She parted her lips.

The refreshing taste of mint tingled her tongue.

She closed her eyes, reveled in the warmth exuding from every inch of Matt’s strong, firm, six-foot-two body. If ever there was a soul who could bewitch her, it was Matthew Witchwood. The man was a god in every sense of the word. And he knew exactly how to use his charms to win her over, despite his actions a year ago.

Infuriating beast. One frickin’ kiss and she was lost to the man.

A series of scandalous images flooded her mind.

She pushed them back, but as Matt deepened their kiss, the images returned with a vengeance.

The tamest of the visions consisted of a naked Matthew sprawled in her king-sized bed, her purple silk sheet draped solely over his private parts.

This was so not the clear head she needed.

He pulled her close.

The bulge in his jeans pressed against her.

This was so not helping the matter.

She moaned, delved her tongue deeper into Matt’s mouth.

Crap. Now the image in her head didn’t even have a silk sheet!

She wrapped her arms around Matt’s neck, entwined her fingers in his hair.

If only they could have been this way a year ago rather than having that stupid fight about the charities.

A slithering wet tongue licked her hand.

Sienna gasped, her eyelids flicking open.

She broke their kiss, pulled away just enough to speak. “Matthew?”


“Please tell me you traded in that cute little pug for a ten-foot tall viper with glowing red eyes.”

“Now why would I have done a daft thing like that?”

A hiss reverberated against her wrist.

“It’s behind me, isn’t it?”

Sienna nodded.

“Bloody hell,” Matt said. “Twice in one day.”



“I stand corrected. I need rescuing.”

Available on all eplatforms: https://books2read.com/u/4AJgrJ